Cool Off and Play: Discover the 5 Must-Have Water Toys for Summer

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There is no best time than summer to experience water adventures. It not only helps you stay cool but lets you get rid of ferocious sunny days. Whether it is your patio, backyard or a playspace, you can convert it into a waterpark with water toys. You can double up the excitement, joy and fun for your family, friends, and loved ones. 

You can boost your social and motor skills without just limitation to fun with educational water play advantages. All this and more without paying for expensive waterpark tickets. Whether you are searching for a water toy for school kiddo, teen or toddler. This article will cater to your needs by listing the top 5 must-have water toys for summer. Sounds captivating? Keep reading to uncover the facts!

Thrill of Water Play

In summer, the temperature increases, contributing to multiple undesirable phenomena outdoors like sweating, itching etc. Summer temperatures above 40 or 45 contribute to excessive heat. The only way to get rid of this heat, especially outdoors, is through harnessing the fun of water adventures. 

There are several benefits of water play. The key benefits that needs your attention are:

Supports Physical Development

Water play contributes to physical development. Various activities in water play, such as squeezing, scooping, pouring, and swooshing, promote motor skills and cater to hand-eye coordination. These skills help you hold and use a pen, knife, or fork. These water play activities lead to effective physical exercise and cater to your balance and strength.

Boost Cognitive Development

Water play takes cognitive development to another level. You and your loved ones can learn object movements in water and gravitational force experiments. The option exists to measure quantity and volume. You can also discover various mathematical concepts such as full/empty, different/equal, effect/cause etc. This way, you can boost hands-on learning.

Develops Collaboration and Socialization

The water play allows you to collaborate with others and boost your socialization. In this way, you can communicate with others and tweak your communication skills. You can learn the team building, planning and decision-making. With the results, you can judge yourself better than others. 

Promotes Wellbeing

You can stay cool during water play. This ultimately promotes calmness and therapeutic activity. You can relax by water or experience sieving and scooping. This way, you can improve your concentration. Water play allows you to laugh, splash, and have memorable fun. 

What if you can double up the impact of the above perks? Yes, you can with the water toys. 

Find the list of 5 best-in-class water toys down below:

1. Reusable Water Balloons

The number one water toy on the water toys list is a reusable water balloon. As the name reflects, you can reuse this balloon over 1000 times. The reusable water balloon consists of silicone, latex-free and non-toxic material. It also features a magnetic interface to facilitate automatic opening and closing. You only need to open these balloons and place them in water. What sets reusable water balloons apart from traditional balloons is that you can use them as many times as you want.

reusable water balloons

Some of the key benefits of the reusable water balloon include:


Unlike traditional balloons, reusable water balloons are cost-effective in the long run. You can use these balloons multiple times. While for conventional or disposable balloons, this is not the case.

Environmentally Friendly

Reusable water balloons are eco-friendly. They are non-toxic and just align with environmental standards. The latex-free design allows it to degrade and enables recycling. This way it result in no adverse impact on the environment. 

Easy to Maintain

Unlike traditional balloons, which follow complex maintenance procedures and require a lot of effort. The reusable water balloons are easy to maintain. After the balloon fight or game, rinse the balloons with clean water, and store them in a dry and optimum temperature. This way, you can enjoy longevity without compromising effectiveness.

The reusable water balloon offers compatibility with a plethora of games. The key ones include balloon fights, spoon races, painting, ring toss, obstacle course etc. These balloons double up the excitement and joy of each game.

2. Water Guns

A water gun is a gun that throws a water jet with high pressure and speed. The main aim of the water gun toy is to soak another person, specifically in a water fight. This toy is highly appealing and attractive among children.

There are many types of water guns that exist in the market, each offering a specific jet range, thickness, and speed. Consider the key styles for your consideration such as:

Nerf Super Soaker: 

Nerf super soaker is a water blaster. With total dimensions of 2.64 by 25.98 by 11.26 inches, it has a light weight of 1.88 pounds. This gun has a 65-ounce fluid capacity and is suitable for 7 years and above. The jet range of this gun is around 29.5 feet, and you need to fill it manually.


Another water jet gun has dimensions of 26.3 by 3.82 by 9.41 inches. With an overall weight of 7.3 pounds, this gun is suitable for 14 years. The range of jet for this gun is 32 feet or more. You can charge it on electricity, and the battery lasts 2000 blasts. To fill this gun, dip the front tip in water and adjust it within 10 seconds until it fills up. The single fill gives you to enjoy 22 jets.


The kulariworld gun is also another fampous water gun. With dimensions of 16.02 by 7.83 by 2.72 inches. The total weight of the gun lies around 12.3 ounces. It is suitable for 6 years and up. It has a capacity of 1500cc, and you can work with it for up to 70 shots on a single fill. 

Here are some tips that you can follow to arrange the water warfare:

  • Deal with Organizers' appointment
  • Use your common sense
  • Choose battleground
  • Establish refill sources
  • Point out penalties and punishments
  • Define tagged consequences

3. Inflatable Water Slides

The inflatable water slides refer to the falls comprising PVC, nylon, or vinyl. You can inflate them with gas or electric-powered air. These slides are easy to handle because you can fold and store them after deflation. 

There are many sizes and designs for inflatable water slides exist. You can choose from single slide to double or triple slides. An option exists to order a custom slide from manufacturers depending on the length, height and width per your requirement. You can change the elevation of the slide.

There are several slide types that exist for water parks, commercial as well as residential sectors. There is no limit on options to choose from. Here is the list of tips that you can follow while setting up your inflatable slide:

  • Avoid over-inflating the slide
  • Keep away sharp and pointed objects
  • Set it on clear area
  • Do not roughhouse the slide
  • Cope up with the weight and age restrictions
  • Appoint an attendant
  • Avoid utilizing special soaps

4. Water Sprinklers

You can define the water sprinkler as a device that emits water from a pipe hole or a single hole. Some of the key water play sprinklers are:

water sprinkler

  1. Rocket spray toy
  2. Splash pad
  3. Soaker sky blast sprinkler
  4. Octopus Sprinkler
  5. Dinosaur sprinkler
  6. Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

The above types reflect that you can give any shape to the sprinkler. The major categories include inflatable and oscillating. Each consists of varying amounts of tubes with different jet ranges and sizes. You can choose anyone depending on your needs.

With sprinklers, you can enjoy the following games and activities:

  • Hokey pokey
  • Rainbow fill
  • Wheelbarrow race
  • Water gymnastics
  • Animal Car wash
  • LeapFrog
  • Slip n Slide

5. Pool Floats and Loungers

Pool floats and loungers refer to inflatable accessories comprising vinyl. You can fill in gas or electric powered air. They allow you to float over water or in the pool. Some types also cater to the armrests or backrest to cater to the incredible relaxation experience. 

Pool float or loungers have various types and designs exist. Some of the key types include:

  1. Animal shape loungers like dinosaurs, ducks, alligators etc.
  2. Chairs shape loungers or float.
  3. Sofa shape lounger
  4. Sleeper design lounger

You can choose the inflatable lounger's length, width, or height per your needs. There are several designs and shapes that exist. But several things need your attention while selecting the right pool float or lounger. Some of the key things for your consideration include:

Consider Preferences

What type of experience do you want from your lounger, like more relaxing, or do you just want to sit upright? As mentioned above, there is an armrest, backrest, and cup holder exit to provide a comfortable experience.

Weight Capacity and Size

This is crucial, as how much weight a lounger can support indicates whether it can bear your weight. The size determines if you can entirely and easily put yourself on the float or lounger or not.


This factor determines how long will your lounger going to last. Can it bear the impact of pool chemicals, ferocious sunlight, or pointed objects? Vinyl and PVC serve better when it comes to pool floats.


This factor determines how easily inflating or deflating your pool float or lounger is. Choose one with built-in pumps as they eliminate the effort to fill the air. 

Storage and Maintenance

The storage and maintenance further determine the useful life of the product. While choosing your lounger, determine the storage and maintenance requirements. Analyze if you can cope with the storage and maintenance requirements. 


You cannot deny the importance of these water toys in summer. You can stay calm and cool, and these toys cater to remarkable joy and fun experiences. This way, you can give memorable and fun moments to your loved ones. Get these toys today to experience what perks they offer. If you cannot afford the high price of toys, choose the reusable water balloons. They are not only affordable but reliable in the long run.

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